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Alexandrine Parakeet

We have sweet Alexandrine Parakeet babies available! Alexandrine Parakeets are playful, silly, fun...and yes they can speak! Alexandrine Parakeets have excellent mimicking abilities and can copy just about any sound.

Indian Ring-Neck Parakeet

We have amazing Indian Ring-Neck Parakeet babies available! Accepting deposits now. These elegant birds make good pets for pet owners willing to train. Indian Ring-Necks enjoy a varied diet of seeds, nuts, leafy greens, as well as fruit. Their lifespan is between 25-30 yrs of age with some living even longer. These birds have a high-pitched, yet sweet voice. All currently available colors: Lutino,  Blue, and Pallid. We ship through Delta Airlines for $200 (Weather Permitting). For your convenience, we also offer DNA testing for $40. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a message or call us.