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Jenday Conure

We have wonderful and playful Jenday Conure babies available! These little conures make awesome family-friendly pets. The babies need 3 hand feedings a day.

Lilac-Crowned Amazon

Gorgeous Lilac-Crowned Amazon Babies Available! The Lilac-Crowned Amazon parrot is a medium sized Amazon that are very playful & talkative. They are very chatty and are great mimickers of sounds and words. They are relatively rare and have now begun to catch the attention of avid bird lovers for their fun personalities.

Nanday Conure

We have Nanday Conure babies available! They are super friendly, sweet, and affectionate babies. They love their veggies, fruits, sprouts, pellets, and lower-fat quality seed mix. Our Nanday Conures are also learning to crack open nuts and have an absolute blast playing with the shells. They enjoy playing and chewing wood toys and hanging from bells.

Red-Crowned Amazon

Hand-fed Mexican Red-Crowned Amazon babies available! Red-crowned Amazons are often kept as pets and are very affectionate and playful – provided they are given the attention they need from their owners.

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

Baby rose breasted cockatoos- Accepting deposits now! Affectionate and friendly, the Rose-Breasted Cockatoos have a reputation for being loving pets. They are sensitive birds, however, and require quite a bit of attention and interaction from their owners. Those interested in owning a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo should make sure that they have plenty of free time to spend with their new pet. Rose-Breasted Cockatoos are active birds and need plenty of exercise to maintain their physical health. Fresh fruit is a good source of nutrition for them as well. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and pecans can be used as a training treat and are very healthy for them.  

Scarlet Macaw

A Beautiful Scarlet Macaw is available! Macaws are active birds and they love to climb, swing, bounce, and chew. Strong toys are a must, as the Macaw's beak is known to be destructive. Their sociability and even temperaments make them great pets. Their intelligence, willingness to learn, and talking ability only help make them more precious in the eyes of bird lovers. The Scarlet Macaw, like most parrots, thrives on attention from its owner and will form a strong bond with family members.

Meyer’s Parrot

We have gorgeous and playful Meyer's Parrot available!
Meyer's make awesome family-friendly pets. They’re very playful and love swings & ladders.
We offer pick up at the store in Stroudsburg PA 18360. For more info please call 646-496-5005. Thank you!

5-Year Old Severe Macaw

This 5-year old, Severe Macaw is now Available!   He has deep vibrant colors, excellent feathering, and is above average in its species size. It is not a beginner bird. He is extremely intelligent, playful, and sweet.

Solomon Island Eclectus

We have Beautiful Eclectuses available! Our babies raised with a lot of love and attention - they are very sweet and tame. Eclectus parrots are intelligent, gentle birds that become welcome members of the family due to their tranquil nature. They are good with children, however it is important to teach children how to behave around the bird, rather than the other way around. We ship through Delta Airlines for $200 (Weather Permitting). For your convenience, we also offer DNA testing for $40. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send a message or call us.

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

We have gorgeous sulphur-crested (Galerita) cockatoo babies. Accepting deposits now. All of our beautiful birds are raised with care and love. We put our hearts into raising these magnificent creatures! The sulphur-crested cockatoo is one of the largest species of beautiful white cockatoos. Not only spectacular in appearance...this large parrot is also very large and very intelligent. The sulphur-crested cockatoo subspecies vary in size, with the largest subspecies (C. g. galerita) reaching an adult size of about 20 inches from beak to the tip of the tail, and weighing nearly 2 pounds (31 ounces).

Sun Conure Babies

We have wonderful & playful Sun Conure babies available! These little conures make awesome family-friendly pets.  

Timneh African Grey

This beautiful Timneh African Grey Parrot is available! This sweetie pie loves to snuggle and is super friendly.