At Ana’s Parrots & Supplies, we aren't looking to sell any bird to any customer.

If someone says they want a green bird, we know that this person probably hasn’t done the research on what it takes to own a bird. We would recommend they do online research or come down to our store, where we can explain the differences based on their experience and level of understanding of the responsibilities of owning a bird. We then look to match a bird to their lifestyle.

When someone is buying a bird, we are looking for indicators through feedback in matching the perfect bird to their new potential owner. For example, we once had a parent that wanted to buy their 13-year-old girl, a 4-year old Blue & Gold Macaw, but the girl was afraid of it! There was no way we would allow this sale to go through. Alternatively, a Jenday Conure was a better fit.

You may not realize it, but you are being interviewed when you are sitting with your potential new bird. We pioneered the idea of a Parrot Boutique shop; a shift from more familiar pet super-stores. We give each customer their own individualized experience. Matching appropriate cage sizes, toys, and food for their type of pet. Everything, in one convenient location!

“Our goal is to find the ideal addition to your family that will give years, if not decades, of enjoyment. With our unique, bird-centered approach, we strive to provide the best experience in the industry.” – Ana

About Our Location & Business

Ana is the founder of Ana’s Parrots & Supplies in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Over the years, she has developed a strong knowledge of parrots and exotic birds, as both a hobbyist and bird companion. Her local store has one of the largest and most complete selections of exotic birds in Pennsylvania.

It also features parrot merchandise, parrot supplies, and products from Uccello. Ana’s Parrots & Supplies is among the very best in the business, with the cleanest facility, highest quality cages, toys, and other products. We make you truly feel like part of the “family” and look forward to a great future, as we continue to educate the public about these wonderful creatures.

We are experts with a large variety of species including: Macaws, Conures, African Greys, Cockatoos, and many others. Ana is among the few breeders in Pennsylvania that possesses a CBW permit, allowing her to breed Golden Conures. To possess a Golden Conure, you must prove Pennsylvania state residency with a driver’s license or other state-issued ID. If you are outside of Pennsylvania, you must have a federal permit, provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. To learn more about CBW permits, or Golden Conures, please contact Ana at (646) 496-5005.

Ana’s Parrots has a closed aviary system, utilizing multiple HEPA and carbon filters. We create the broad spectrum of 5000K light (with a modified flicker fusion threshold), to emulate sunrises and sunsets, with our computer-controlled systems. We want your birds to live the longest and healthiest lives possible. Our bird’s diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, Uccello seed, and breeder pellets. We start with the most vital nutrition early in the day and then we give our birds treats later in the day.

We choose our breeders by picking the biggest and most colorful as our hold-backs.

Experienced & Compassionate Breeders

We Love Our Birds

We’ve bred many species over the years. My first breeding pair were Sun Conures. They weren’t bought as a breeding pair, but nature took over. They kept laying on the bottom of their cage, so I bought them a nest box and within 2-months, I heard squeaking in their nest box. I looked in and I saw four bobbing heads looking up at me! I bought two more pairs of breeders that were not tame or interested in any human interaction, and they were all prolific. I started to hold back the super red ones and the high yellows and crossed them into each other to create big, bright, healthy birds. From Suns, I started to breed Senegals, and then Pionus-sized birds. Within two years, I had already moved into Amazons.

By 2011, people were calling daily looking for African Greys. I bought several pairs and they didn’t breed or show interest in breeding. After two years of trial and error, I had my first clutch! This was followed by other pairs going to nest within the same month, and more than half of them being fertile on their first attempt while in my possession. About a year later, most of the pairs had become reliable breeders and I started to expand into African Greys, because their needs were not the same as the other birds I had in my aviary. By 2015, I had also learned how to pair and repair birds by looking for subtle cues of what a bird will tolerate and what it prefers.

Now, I’ve taken the time to work with endangered species while trading with other Federally-permitted breeders, to repopulate and enhance the species. Because of this I have had to hire more employees because, unfortunately, there are only 24 hours in a day.

I’ve been doing this for a while, but I’m learning constantly. I’m up at 4am and go to bed at 10pm seven days a week. From the time I wake up to the last feedings of the night, I am with my birds. There is a lot of bad information in books and from word-of-mouth about how to successfully breed. In my opinion, it’s learning your own birds and putting in the time to learn the process. Many times, what someone thinks will create an ideal breeding environment is actually counterproductive. Specifically, why do some pairs not breed for years? There is always a reason. It’s up to the breeder to figure it out.

From Our Clients

  • I had been Anna's customer for several years and when it comes to parrots and other birds I just trust her, even I have others burds that I had adopted and she helped me to learn how to take care of them and to learn more about my babies,..i will recommend her 1,000% coz she is the best of the best...thank you so much for... show full review

    Rafael Avatar

    I leave bad reviews all the time with parrot pages on Facebook because most of them are scams. This one is not. This is the real Anas Parrots. Pictures are stolen all the time, this is the real page. She has a real storefront which means she is allowed to advertise her birds on Facebook even... show full review

    Chris Avatar

    What can I say? What a wonderful experience. I have been in the market for a baby conure for a long time. I am a first time bird owner and wanted to purchase from a place that was willing to be personable and answer all my questions. They also take their time with each customer, educating them and providing them with support. Ana spent a... show full review

    Khabira Avatar
  • Extremely happy! We have been burned in the past by a internet scammer last year when we tried to aquire a macaw. It was terrible!! This store was recommened by a friend of a friend. We live in Texas which is a long way from Anas Parrot and Supplies. Trust was everything to us! Ana was perfect!! She first educated us about owning a... show full review

    Roderick Avatar

    I got my African Grey from Ana 3 years ago and he’s a fantastic member of myfamily! I was contacted back immediately. Very courteous and extremely helpful in finding the right bird for my family. He says “I love you”, “peek a boo”, “whatcha doin”, laughs, and others we can’t decipher yet. We talk to him and hold him all the time and we... show full review

    Kasia Avatar

    Ana is known Countrywide for her fantastic babies and help in the Bird community. I own a bird store in Colorado and was so blessed to not only have met Ana but visit her store! She is so kind and dedicated to her babies! Prices are affordable and fair! Her store is in immaculate condition. She really does take her time and dedication with her... show full review

    Kristen Avatar
  • I would be hard pressed to come up with someone other than Ana for another bird.She eagerly answered all of my emails/texts regarding parrot care, and upon visiting , the facility was so clean I would have never guessed more than one bird called it home there.Immaculate care, top notch nutrition, and tested birds should leave no doubt about acquiring a bird from Ana.

    Bobby Avatar

    Thank you very much for the business Ana you are a very honest professional very helpful to clarify all my doubts I recommend your store is beautiful and it was honest that you tell me that you would send me the DNA test by mail and sent you recommend 5 * i love The Amazon double yellow

    Cristina Avatar

    I purchased a Timneh African Grey from Ana and it was the most pleasant meeting! The bird I received was happy and healthy! Phoenix did not take long to warm up to me at all and she came with the love of fruits and vegetables! I was previously scammed and was extremely nervous about purchasing another bird but Ana’s sweet personality put me at... show full review

    Melissa Avatar
  • I had such a marvelous experience with Ana. I purchased a baby sun conure that was as precious as can be. I mean, this bird, Margaret, has the sweetest personality! I take her to work with me every day, and my boss is just like “the bird is very good and well behaved.” I would give Ana’s Parrots & Supplies 5 stars all day. I’ll... show full review

    Rebecca Avatar

    I purchased a Congo African Grey baby from Ana's Parrots. I couldn't of asked for a better experience. She sent me updates with videos or pictures weekly of his progress for the three months she was hand feeding him . We had him shipped to us and she stayed with him through check in and until it was time to get on the plane. As... show full review

    mikepmr30 Avatar

    As a bird lover and breeder I can recommend Ana 100% for many reasons. One major fact that we have to appreciate is that she takes the time and spends the money to test her birds and any that she brings into her aviary. Even after I guaranteed my birds being healthy and disease free she still tested the pairs that she purchased from me.... show full review

    Daniel Avatar
  • I recently adopted my first bird from Ana. She answered all questions I had as I have never owned a bird before. She was very helpful, and knowledgeable. My senegal is the sweetest little guy, and just wants to hang out on my shoulder all day. It's apparent he was spoiled while in Ana's care 🙂 I highly recommend getting a bird from Ana!

    Molly Avatar

    Ana’s operation is second to none. The quality of her hand-raised parrots are first rate. She is very pleasant to do business with. Now she is involved with producing toys and a fantastic line of seed mixes called Uccello.My parrot rescue is very small comparatively, but she sends me seed because of the ‘buy one, give one’ program that Uccello has. When someone buys a... show full review

    George Avatar


    Rebecca Avatar
  • I have bought several birds from Ana. I can tell you that the birds I received were healthy active and as promised. I have re-tested these birds and test results were all neg for diseases or viruses. If you are not knowledgeable about the stress that shipping could put on a bird including, dehydration, you need to be educated. The bad reviews on here... show full review

    Jack Avatar

    Ana sold me Bongo (TAG) about two weeks ago. She is such a professional but also warm and kind. She brought me into a room where she introduced me to Bongo. He looked healthy and alert.We went over his diet and some of his history and finally we eased into the introduction. She was patient and not in any hurry and she let me ask... show full review

    Eddie Avatar

    I purchased an African Grey Parrot from Ana in early April 2019. He had our parrot shipped to us and went to the airport to pick up once our parrot arrived. Everything was a smooth process. Ana was so helpful throughout and was always super easy to get ahold of if needed. We absolutely love our African grey! He’s such a happy bird and loves... show full review

    Kristi Avatar
  • Ana is a wonderful breeder! I got my goffin and cape from her. She let me handle him before we put him in his carrier to make the trip home and has been there to ask questions on anything I can think of for birds. My Cape is insanely loving and even kids can handle him. I've watched her over the past 2 years and... show full review

    Sarah Avatar

    We bought a scarlet macaw from Ana and she was so professional and very courteous with all our questions we had as this was our very 1st large bird. This scarlet is super high quality and disease tested. Our vet was so impressed with our new addition to our family (; thank u Ana

    Michael Avatar

    We recently adopted a Blue and Gold Macaw from Anna. The process was easy and Anna was a huge help in the process. “Lucy” is an absolute stunning macaw. Her personality is very friendly and she is a real sweety. Lucy had a complete health check by a very reputable exotic bird veterinarian and passed her blood work and exam with flying colors. She is... show full review

    Joe Avatar
  • Wonderful experience! Purchased a Jenday Conure and he is simply the best addition to our family/flock. Ana was great with trying to accommodate me and helpful with any questions I had. Additionally, she is conveniently located in the area and I now take all birds for nails/beak clean up. Thanks for the wonderful service Ana!

    Liz Avatar

    I purchased a baby blue and gold macaw from Ana's Parrots a few years ago.I was unable to pick it up due to the fact that I do not drive. Ana was nice enough to deliver the bird to me in NY. Over the years we stayed in touch, and she assisted me with any questions or concerns I had about my new feathered addition... show full review

    Oscar Avatar

    I highly recommend Ana's Parrorts and Supplies to anyone who is looking to buy an exotic bird. Ana is extremely knowledgeable, and will tell you all you need to know ! Walking into the store, it is clean and the birds cages are very neat and clean as well. She has so many supplies , everything you would need for your bird ! Her love... show full review

    Alexandria Avatar
  • We purchased a male eclectus from Ana! He is so loveable and healthy! Ana is very nice and dedicated to what she does. She maintains contact and makes sure the birds are well taken care of. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service you have provide! Ana is extremely knowledgable. You can tell in her enthusiasm the true love and passion she puts into... show full review

    Thatfishguy Avatar

    Ana is a wonderful breeder! I got my goffin and cape from her. She let me handle him before we put him in his carrier to make the trip home and has been there to ask questions on anything I can think of for birds. My Cape is insanely loving and even kids can handle him. I've watched her over the past 2 years and... show full review

    Sarah Avatar

    Anna is absolutely the best bird breeder and person I have ever dealt with and I am very picky, not only did I get the highest quality of bird I have ever purchased but also the highest customer satisfaction!. Anna always got back to me when I had a question instantly and believe me I had a lot of questions. I bought a Blue Headed... show full review

    Tim Avatar
  • I purchased 2 parrots from Ana a few months ago an African Grey and a Cape Parrot, I cant say enough good things about Ana and her facility. I was pleasantly surprised how well kept her aviary was kept and the wealth of knowledge she has of all birds. I would definitely recommend you go see her if your looking for a bird and if... show full review

    Russel Avatar

    I called Ana with what I was thinking I was wanting in a bird. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. She called me to explain the different birds that she recommended for our family. We bought a lilac crowned parrot. We are so in love with this sweet bird. We had the bird shipped to the midwest Ana was very helpful and took care of... show full review

    Whitney Avatar

    i love my Blue Crown Conure that a got from Ana. the customer service that she provided my was the best i have dealt with. she answered all my questions with quick responses and the transaction all the way to receiving my bird she was in constant contact. i will definitely do business with her again.

    David Avatar
  • I recently got an African Grey from Anna and couldn’t be happier with my decision! He appeared to be in overall great physical shape and I was told he had all necessary vaccinations. To be on the safe side I followed up with my usual avian vet and left with a clean bill of health! It’s been a few weeks and I can say that... show full review

    David Avatar

    Ana and her family were lovely people, she’s very knowledgeable and her aviary is kept immaculate. My Greenwing Buster is almost 2 and we’ve spoke about getting him a friend, if we do we will not go anywhere else. I highly recommend Ana and can assure you that you will not be disappointed.Frank L.

    Frank Avatar